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Finding Hidden Toys under every Pillow

About Us

Mings Mongols is an in-house Cattery and Kennel with a fully updated 1,200 sqft lower level dedicated to our Sphynx and Dachshunds'. We are a CFA Cattery of Excellence and an AKC Breeder of Heart. We have an in-house lab, upgraded ventilation, dedicated laundry room, advanced infection control procedures, stocked kitchen, quarantine, sleeping and lounging area, as well as living areas for our Cats/kittens and Dogs/Puppies. Upstairs is the main house which is open to pets on a rotating basis and houses our neonatal units as well as our outdoor play yard. Video monitoring, temperature sensors, gas alarms, and motion detectors are all installed for the safety of our pets. Cattery/Kennel deep cleaning is done on bi-weekly basis. Kittens/Puppies have 24/7 observation for the first few weeks, additionally someone is always at home in case an emergency occurs. We are a closed Cattery/Kennel. We do not use studs or stud out our pets. No animals other than our pets are allowed on the property. Please do not stop at pet stores or other animal related areas before visiting us! This is to ensure the continuing health and wellbeing of our pets, puppies, and kittens from our home to yours.


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