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Occasionally Ming's Mongols may have a retiree available to the right home' preferably with a previous adopter, but new adopters may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Our retirees may be young or old, in perfect health or they may have pre-existing conditions. Retirees range from $500 to $1,500 depending on their particular circumstances. Young retirees may not have the personality required to live in a busy cattery and kennel environment or they might just not like having little ones to take care of. They may have minor cosmetic or physical issues that develop as they age, making them not within breed standard or inappropriate for breeding: such as being a carrier for a genetic disease, having an overbite, too wide of an ear set, hearing problems, issues gaining weight, etc. Some retirees may have had a medical issue necessitating their removal from our breeding program: such as pyometra, echocardiograms outside of the norm, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Other Retirees age out and may be more suited to a home other than ours. It is always dependent on the particular pet and we will always put their best interests first. 




Olive is a spicy 4-year-old girl that does not believe in personal space, must suck her tail while laying on you, will fight you over a turkey sandwich, and makes her opinions very clear. She would be fine with a small dog or a male cat but is not a fan of other girl cats! 


Holley is a two-year-old tiny miniature dachshund who believes in sunshine and daisies. She takes a little time to adjust to new situations but once she does, she likes to spread her joy around.  She likes car rides, walking people, cats, and couches.

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