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Our Kittens and Puppies start at $2,500. We have a phone interview, deposit, and contract process. We have a short waitlist contract and full contract. Waitlist deposits are refundable and are $100. Full deposits are nonrefundable and are $500. The rest is due at pickup. 



Waitlist Contract

Waitlist deposits are refundable and are $100 per kitten/puppy. A waitlist deposit is good for 6 months at which time it should be renewed or cancelled. 


 In the contract you will describe the type of kitten/puppy you are looking for. Please include sex, eye color, color, personality etc. if you have specifics that you are looking for. Otherwise put N/A if your open to certain things. The more open you are the sooner you will get a puppy/kitten as they will be offered based on your desired characteristics and compatibility with your household.


Wait listers do not have to do the full phone interview until it becomes time for the full deposit and contact. See below for Sample Waitlist Contract.

Full Contract

The Full contract is due at around 4 weeks of age with the full $500 deposit due at that time. The waitlist deposit can be put towards the full deposit, which is nonrefundable. The rest is due at pickup.

At that time a phone interview will be completed, and specific kittens/puppies will be picked out and that kitten/puppy is now reserved for you alone. The contract is specific toward that specific kitten/puppy and outlines the payment process, health guarantee and expected treatment.


See PDF below of Sample Full Contracts.



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