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AKC Breeder of Heart

Miniature and Tweenies

Doxie Package

  • AKC Limited Registration

  • Spay/Neuter Contract

  • 30 Days Free Health Insurance 

  • Lifelong Support

  • 2 Year Genetic/Congenital Defect Guarantee

  • Care Package

  • Contract

  • 2 sets of vaccination and deworming as appropriate

  • Microchipped



All of our puppies come with Limited Akc registration. We do not provide breeding dogs. Puppies are available on a 2 year spay/neuter contact with  microchip and registration. Puppies leave at 8 to 12 weeks minimum. Puppies must have at least 2 sets of Vaccinations before leaving. We reserve the right to hold puppies back for up to an additional two weeks if additional training, vaccine complications, deworming's or health concerns need to be addressed.


A full genetic profile is done on all breeding dogs through Embark. We do health exams on our breeding dogs that include patella, ophthalmic, and cardiac examinations. All of our puppies are PRA Clear. We give a 2-year genetic/ congenital defect guarantee on our puppies. We are a Parvo Free Kennel. No outside dogs are allowed on premises. We start pee pad training at 4 weeks old and follow puppy culture. We have an in-house lab and do periodic fecal floatation's as well as skin and ear smears/ cytology. Fecal and Full Panel PCR's are done periodically throughout the year.


We provide lifelong support and would greatly appreciate updates on the wellbeing of your dachshund. We provide 30 days of free health insurance through Trupanion. We also provide a care package consisting of toys, food, and other goodies to make the transition from our home to yours easier on your new puppy.


Doxie Behavior

Dachshunds aren't for everybody. The word 'well behaved' only applies to a minor few. They are stubborn, barky, miniature dragons requiring 24/7 attention. 

Dachshunds Bark. Alot. They are the perfect guard dog... In their minds. They bark at strangers, cars, leaves, squirrels, you name it.

They want to do everything you are doing; from cooking, cleaning, watching tv, to home construction. They are extremely nosey and need you to provide a 24/7 schedule with check marks and all.

They get into everything and have no problem damaging your property. From redecorating your bed and pillows, to nibbling on kitchen cabinets. They are always prepared to add their own unique artistic touch to your things.


They love to dig and will track down any scent that comes wafting their way. They are hounds after all and have digging flippers for feet.

They want to sleep in bed with you, they're going to sleep in bed with you, just try to stop them. " Oh, I see you have half the bed human servant, I'm going to need you to move over, I require three fourths of the bed to properly sprawl."

They bite. Little bites, big bites. If they were bigger it would be a real issue. Small dog syndrome. No dog is bigger than a dachshund.


They were bred to dig down into holes and fight badgers to the death.... the most aggressive animal on earth. BADGERS! 

................... they also steal food.

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