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CFA Cattery of Excellence

Duel Registered CFA/TICA

Sphynx Package

  • CFA and/or TICA Papers 

  • Spayed/Neutered

  • 30 Days Free Health Insurance 

  • Lifelong Support

  • 2 Year HCM/ Genetic/ Congenital Defect Guarantee

  • Care Package

  • Contract

  • 3 sets of vaccinations and Rabies as age appropriate

  • Microchipped



All of our kittens come with CFA or TICA registration.   Kittens will all be spayed/neutered, microchipped, and registered. Kittens leave at 14 to 16 weeks minimum. Kittens must have at least 3 sets of Vaccinations before leaving. Kittens remain in the cattery for up to 2 weeks after being spayed and up to 1 week after neutering. We reserve the right to hold kittens back for up to an additional month if additional training, vaccine complications, surgery or health concerns need to be addressed.


We scan all our adult cats for HCM yearly by echocardiogram and give a 2-year HCM/ congenital defect guarantee. All of our adults have also had genetic testing for HCM. We are a FIV/FELV Negative cattery and test by Elisa and Western blot. A full genetic profile is done on all breeding cats. We have an in-house lab and do periodic fecal floatation's as well as skin and ear smears/ cytology. Fecal and Upper Respiratory PCR's are done periodically throughout the year.


We provide lifelong support and would greatly appreciate updates on the wellbeing of your naked baby. We provide 30 days of free health insurance through Trupanion. We also provide a care package consisting of toys, food, and other goodies to make the transition from our home to yours easier on your new kitten.


Sphynx Behavior

Sphynx cats and kittens aren't for everybody. The word 'well behaved' only applies to a minor few. They are inquisitive and loving kitties who's general care can be expensive.

They require regular baths, ear cleaning, toe cleaning, and are inside kitties who can't be in a house that is too cold or warm. "I thought I was bathing my cat not a demon from the pits of hell."


They want to do everything you are doing; from cooking, cleaning,  watching tv, to bathing and can't be left alone for long. "Oh you're taking a bath, I'll just lay on your head and protect you from the water."

They get into everything and have no problem damaging your property. From running full force around the house and knocking over vases to climbing to the top of the curtains and power diving the family dog. "I meant to pull down the curtains and leave gaping holes in them, It's a form of artistic expression."


They love your clothes and want to be in them, even when your wearing said clothes. "Is that a baby bump I see?" "No, It's my cat."

They want to sleep in bed with you, they're going to sleep in bed with you, just try to stop them. " Oh, I see you have half the bed human servant, I'm going to need you to move over, I require three fourths of the bed to properly sprawl."

They have elongated paw pads and get litter everywhere. " I'll just put this litter here, and here, and oh over there." Everywhere!!!"

In short, your sphynx kitten is a neurotic sociopath with delusions of grandeur.  Serve him/her well and be rewarded with all of the above.

................... they're also  bacon thief's.

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